What is a Brady List?

Have you ever heard of a “Brady Cop” or a “Brady List”?

The majority of Americans are not familiar with these terms, but we should be.  The Brady List is a list of corrupt law enforcement officers that has been kept hidden from us for far too long.  This cover-up was done to protect the dishonest “Brady Cops” that district attorneys place on the Brady List.  (Many of you will be absolutely shocked and angry to learn that the Brady List is not public information that is made readily available like a sexual predator list.)

My family and I hope to change all that.

What does it mean when a law enforcement officer has been “Brady Listed”?

A Brady List is a list of law enforcement officers who have proven to be untrustworthy and/or without integrity.  Prosecutors and district attorneys prohibit “Brady Cops” from testifying in court as they have demonstrated that they, and their testimony, cannot be trusted.

If district attorneys refuse to gamble allowing a Brady Cop to testify in court, then why are Brady Cops allowed to keep their guns, badges, and authority over our families?  Why is your life, and that of your family, being gambled by allowing Brady Cops to keep their job?

That’s a great question that our nation needs to address and we need to do this now!

Law enforcement officers are given incredible police powers that include the legal right to shoot and kill citizens based 100% on the law enforcement officer’s judgment!

Does that scare you?

Well if it doesn’t scare you, it should!  Especially if the law enforcement officer who has drawn his gun on you or a loved one is a Brady Listed Cop.  Think about it.  In less than a second, this Brady Listed Cop must decide whether to riddle your body with over 20 rounds of jacketed hollow point bullets, simply because you carelessly (nervously) reached too fast for your driver’s license or insurance papers in your glove box!

This is the same law enforcement officer that our district attorney doesn’t trust the judgment of enough to allow the officer’s testimony in court and yet we are to trust a Brady Cop’s judgment with OUR LIFE!

Why is the law enforcement community risking American lives with Brady Cops who HAVE PROVEN that we cannot trust them and their judgment? 

Why are we allowing Brady Listed cops to keep their jobs and police authority?  Why are we being forced to trust the judgment of Brady Cops when our district attorneys don’t trust the word, integrity, or judgment of a Brady Listed law enforcement officer?

Why are politicians, government officials, and the law enforcement community risking our safety by allowing Brady Listed Cops to continue having deadly force in their hands?  Why are we being forced to trust such flawed judgment?